Conference Introduction


On behalf of the organizers, I want to extend our warmest welcome to all of you who will attend the 1st EECAT in Tianjin, October 8-10, 2014.

Tianjin is a city of rich history and culture, with the third largest population in China. Tianjin has the most well recorded history for the recent 600 years and boasts a vibrant and advanced chemical and petrochemical industry as well as a world-class high education system and strong research institutions.

For the past 20 years, the city has experienced a tremendous transformation of its infrastructure and quality of life. Tianjin has become a major conventional venue for international conferences, exhibits, and trade shows, boosted with its world-class hotels, restaurants, convention centers and transportation systems. The City also is known for its extensive and grand western style buildings and mansions from its colonial time. These buildings have now become key heritage sites of both architectural and historical importance. Citizens of Tianjin have the reputation of being kind and welcoming when it comes to visitors.

Tianjin has a strong tradition in catalysis. From an academic point of view, the Chemical Engineering Faculty of Tianjin University has been the strongest in China and the Faculty of Chemistry of Nankai University has been among the strongest in China. Additionally, Tianjin has quite a number of other universities with a wide range of catalysis oriented research programs. Tianjin also has a number of research institutions that do research in catalytic technologies related to industry.

We have organized this event in order to offer a forum for discussing the cutting-edge research and for sharing the most recent breakthroughs in energy and environmental technologies based on catalysis principles as the pre-conference of the 17th Chinese National Congress of Catalysis in Hangzhou. The 17th CNCC will take place on October 13-17, 2014. We have put together a program full of world leading names in catalysis to give plenary and invited lectures. We have also organized a special session to honor our long serving catalysis scientists who dedicated their entire career as educators of catalysis in the engineering schools.

I wish you a joyful stay in Tianjin. I also hope you will renew your mind with novel ideas within catalysis research through actively participating in the discussions, presentations and attending the pre-school sessions.


On behalf of the local organization team

Haibin Yu   CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research & Design Institute
Jesper Nerlov, Glen Hytoft,
Joakim Reimer Th√łgersen
  Haldor Topsoe A/S
Fengshou Xiao   Zhejiang University
Hong He   Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences
Yunfeng Chang   Sigma Innova LLC
Zhicheng Hu   Wuxi Weifu Environmental Catalyst Co. Ltd
Junhua Li   Tsinghua University
Shuanxi Liu   Nankai University
Xinli Tong   Tianjin University of Technology
Yuxin Wang, Xingang Li, Jinlong Gong,
Ye Tian, Yicheng Zhao
  Tianjin University
Limian Ren, Libin Yin   Pinsong Design Company Ltd.

The theme of the symposium

Catalytic science and technology in sustainable energy and environment

Conference Venue & Date

October 8th-10th, 2014, Tianjin, China


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